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Sports Science

& Research

The one of leading suppliers of investment goods in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. We focus on delivering the highest quality and innovative products with added value for its users.
CSMI Solution

CSMi – WHEN JUST GOOD ENOUGH ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU.  A pioneer in the Isokinetic testing and rehabilitation field, CSMi has been designing and manufacturing computer-based measurement, training, & documentation products for Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists and Exercise Science since 1982.
RS Foot Scan International (Materialise)
RS Foot Scan Link

For 3D printing to live up to its full potential and transform businesses and lives, three elements need to align: quality, reliability, and repeatability. Our industry-leading software, robust quality management system, and unrivaled additive manufacturing (AM) infrastructure and expertise combine to offer a solid base that allows our customers to build the solutions of the future.
Sensor Product INC

Sensor Products Inc. is a world leader in the niche field of tactile surface pressure and force sensors. The privately-held company was founded in 1990. Headquartered in Madison, NJ (USA). In addition Sensor Products has highly-trained, responsive sales representatives in 30 countries.

APDM was founded with the objective of creating novel technologies to 

  • enable the scientific community to conduct quality research in movement science,

  • accelerate clinical trials by introducing a new generation of biomarkers and validated endpoints, and

  • improve the quality of life of people with movement disorders through precision medicine for neurodegenerative diseases.
Bertec Force Plate
Bertec's products have represented a legacy of excellence in biomechanics for over thirty years. We provide solutions founded in accuracy and precision. Our engineering is trusted worldwide to enable a deeper understanding of human movement.
Preventive Medical Health Care

Pioneer in medical rehabilitation industry with the best functional training equipment for aging.

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